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SING A NEW SONG TO THE LORD! (1 Corinthians 10:31)

We have some of the words to the songs that David and others wrote.. Sadly, we do not have any of the music itself. Using our God-given gifts (at least, those of us who have those gifts), we write our own music if not always our own songs.. But as we all know, we do not do this in a lifeless space.. We worship in relationship to the culture in which we live.. This is a culture that influences us and our music. This can be a good thing, or this can be a bad thing. The hard thing is to know the difference.

How can 1 Corinthians 10:31; Philippians 4:8; and Colossians 1:18 give us principles (important rules) that should guide us in the kind of music we have in our worship?

Over the years, the question of music in worship has arisen in our church.. Sometimes, it is hard to tell the difference between what is church music and worldly music.. (Many times there is little or no difference!)

What is important for worship music is that it points us to the noblest, the best, and the purest, which is the Lord. It should not please our lower senses. It should please our higher senses. Music is not neutral. It can move us to some of the highest spiritual experiences. Or it can be used by Satan to debase and degrade us—to bring out sexual desires and bad emotions. For example, consider the music industry today. It gives us powerful examples of how Satan has twisted another of God’s wonderful gifts to people.

Music in our worship services should be balanced. It should uplift our spirits, minds, and emotions. The words to songs, along with the music itself, should uplift us. They should ennoble our thoughts. And they should make us trust in the Lord who has done so much for us. Music can bring us to the foot of the cross. It can help us to understand what Christ has given us. This is the kind of music we need for our worship.

Again, cultures have different tastes in music. There are many kinds of music and musical instruments in our worldwide family.. What is uplifting and encouraging to those in one culture might sound strange to those in another.

Either way, it is very important that we trust in the Lord’s guidance to help us to have the most spiritual music for our worship services.

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